Meet The team behind The Syntropy Partnership

Gavin Andrews - Allie Joy - Mark Soden

Gavin Andrews Heartmath UK

Gavin Andrews

Managing Director

Gavin looks after business strategy, marketing and sales.

He has a background in Media and Training and is Managing Director for HeartMath UK and Ireland. 


Allie Joy Digital Artist

Allie Joy

Art Director

Allie Joy creates and curates the art. 
She has exhibited her art internationally and is an artist in resident at Birmingham Open Media and Pervasive Studio at Watershed, Bristol. 


Mark Soden Malvern365 & Mirror Noir Records

Mark Soden

Music Director

Mark writes and produces the music. 
He has a background in Media and Hospitality and is Managing Partner of Mirror Noir Records & Director of Malvern365 Web Design in Malvern.


We also work privately on bespoke Art & Music commissions 

If your company is looking for something totally unique give us a call today to discuss what we can do for your business.

Description : Syntropy (n)

Anti-entropy. Movement towards order and symmetry.

Advantageous and orderly patterning. Unification of the physical and biological worlds. Evolutionary cooperation.

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