The Art of Wellbeing
De-Stress and Re-Balance

Art & Music Videos for Relaxation, Breathwork and Meditation

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Syntropy is a very different kind of wellbeing app.

International artists and musicians collaborate to create beautiful video artworks for relaxation, breathwork, meditation and emotion regulation any time, any place.

A video artwork is showcased every week. 

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Stressed? Anxious? Depressed?

Syntropy is designed to quickly help you rebalance, relax, and regulate your emotions. The ‘Breathe’ function videos help you to achieve
‘Psychophysiological Coherence’ – a state of optimal physical and mental function. The ‘Relax’ function videos do just that – help you to relax! And the ‘Elevate’ function videos are for those times when you’re feeling down, and you want to uplift your mood.

Find meditating difficult?

Syntropy makes meditation easy. The art and music help you to place your focus and attention externally. And if you use the ‘Breathe’ function, you will also be placing your focus and attention internally too. Simple and effective Focused Attention Meditation with none of the effort and all of
the benefits!

Don’t have time?

Syntropy’s videos are intentionally short – most are just 4-5 mins long.

You can enjoy a quick relax and rebalance any time, any place. You don’t even need to have a mobile or wi-fi signal if you use the download function. Watching just one video will help you to achieve calm, and clarity. And then you can bring your best-self to whatever you need to do

Can’t fall asleep?

Syntropy’s ‘Breathe’ and ‘Relax’ videos are very effective at helping prepare your body and mind for sleep. The gently evolving art and soothing rhythms increase activity in your parasympathetic nervous system – the part of you that helps you to rest and sleep. And you don’t need to worry about your device’s white and blue light stimulating you because each of the video artworks is available in ‘Dark Mode’ too.

Get bored quickly?

Syntropy is an ever-growing gallery of beautiful and diverse video artworks – you’ll never get bored. We showcase a different video artwork every Monday so that you can start your week stress-free. And Syntropy isn’t just about the artworks – it’s about the artists too. Check out the artists profiles and look out for our regular artists interviews.

Want the proof?

Syntropy combines a variety of evidence-based approaches into one. Our video artworks employ the proven benefits of Coherence Breathwork; Focused Attention Meditation (FAM); Art Therapy; Music Therapy; Positive Emotions and Emotional/Behavioural Self-Regulation. Syntropy works – check out the testimonials! 

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Praise for the Syntropy app


Peter Simpson

Voyage of Maya

DJ Relajado

String Meditations

Allison Tanenhaus and Amanda Tovalin

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Allie Joy & Mark Soden

Binal Merkaba

Allie Joy & Mark Soden

Binal Tetrahedron

Allie Joy & Mark Soden

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Description: Syntropy (n)

Order and symmetry emerging from chaos. Anti-entropy.

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