Relaxation Aids

Beautiful & Immersive Audio Visual Relaxation

Feeling stressed?
Need to let go and reconnect?

Download Syntropy States Relaxation Aids and take a journey into deep relaxation.

Immerse yourself in a series of 8 beautiful Audio Visual relaxation aids created using the latest 8D and binaural production techniques.

Choose which energy centre to focus on and feel rejuvenated and recharged in just 5 minutes. For the best experience wear your headphones.

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Syntropy States Audio Visual Relaxation
Audio Visual Relaxation Aids

Syntropy States


This is a Downloadable product.

Due to the High Definition visuals and soundtracks, this series of 8 x relaxation aids is provided as MP4 files via 8 download links.

MP4 will play on Windows, Mac, Android and Apple iOS. If you find that MP4 will not play on your device then you can download free MP4 players such as VLM Player, KM Player, Real Player or DivX.

For the best experience wear your headphones.

Reviews of Syntropy States Audio Visual Relaxation

"I enjoyed the time that I spent with the Syntropy States videos. Before I tried them, I was much more of an “eyes shut” kind of meditator, because I like to rest my eyes and focus in the darkness. Having spent time watching pleasing geometries flow and expand in these videos, backed by chill music, I can certainly see the benefits that open-eyed focus can bring." Casey Douglass reviews Syntropy States - CLICK HERE  

“I dropped into coherence pretty much immediately and was in a trance by the end of it! Both the music and visuals really worked for me (spirograph was my fave game as a child and now I know why). I also like that it’s short – makes me immediately want to work it into my regular schedule.”

“This was amazing [Galon – Heart Chakra] I’ve tried it a few times now and out of all of them, it immediately demands my focus and locks me in. FYI my coherence was in the 6 – 6.8 region! The visuals are spectacular and I particularly like the waves that sit and dangle both on the left and right, it’s pretty cosmic!”

"Most times I measure my breath hold I still feel some anxiety - not always but usually. When there is no anxiety I feel an amazing freedom, lightness, wholeness. When I saw the Syntropy clips used for advertising, I immediately felt that something was happening with my level of anxiety. Since using the full tracks after purchasing the package, it has reduced dramatically. "